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Probiotic solutions for swine production

Our all-natural probiotic solutions help swine producers keep their businesses sustainable and successful throughout the entire swine lifecycle – breeding to weaning and weaning to market

Today’s swine producers are continually challenged to produce more with less at the same time ensuring the health and well-being of the animals. Facing increasingly strict regulations, the need for resource efficiency and technological development is more important than ever.

Building on almost 150 years’ expertise in microbial science, we have developed natural probiotic solutions to meet the challenges confronting modern swine producers. At Chr. Hansen Animal Health & Nutrition, we have a high degree of specialized expertise in the industry we serve as well as the right products to drive the success of all types of producers and business partners.  

Our probiotic portfolio of natural, sustainable solutions for swine enables producers around the world to achieve more sustainable productions. Our all-natural probiotic products contain highly selected strains of good bacteria that when added to feed have been proven to support:

  • Optimal intestinal function
  • Animal health and well-being.