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Probiotic solutions for feedlot cattle

Supporting normal gastrointestinal functions and the beneficial balance of gut microbiota in confined beef cattle, our probiotic products can be a natural, safe, and sustainable part of your business

Confined feeding operations present many challenges, beginning with the arrival of mixed lots of stressed cattle through the transition to high intakes of high-energy feeds. Keeping your cattle alive and thriving in your environment is a full-time job. Daily feeding of an effective probiotic has been proven to improve the likelihood of success of beef cattle at close-out. 

Our natural probiotic solutions help feedlot operations around the world establish and support normal balanced microbial populations within the digestive tract of feedlot cattle. Additionally, supplementation with probiotics supports the normal functions of the gut, which better enables growing animals to defend themselves against challenges and to survive and perform in an expected manner. Containing unique, highly selected strains of microorganisms, our probiotics are the most widely used and thoroughly researched in the beef cattle industry.  


Our probiotic solutions have been proven to: 

  • Supports normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract 
  • Shifts average performance of growing cattle towards positive with a notable reduction in variation 
  • Supports animal welfare and well-being 
  • Supports pre-harvest food safety.