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Probiotic solutions for poultry producers

Our all-natural probiotic solutions for broilers, layers and turkeys help poultry producers keep their businesses sustainable and successful

When it comes to poultry health and performance, little things make a big difference. Good health starts in the gut, and gut health depends on a well-balanced, robust microbiome. 

With feed representing 68% of the cost of broiler production, production profitability is important, and margins are under pressure. Protecting poultry from Clostridium species, Salmonella and Escherichia coli is key for farmers to get the highest productivity from their birds.

Building on almost 150 years of expertise within microbials, we have developed natural probiotic products for poultry. At Chr. Hansen Animal Health we have the know-how and the products to assist all types of producers and business partners with a high degree of specialist industry knowledge. 

Our probiotic portfolio for poultry is a strong tool for producers around the world to use in their endeavor to obtain more profitable and sustainable production based on natural solutions. Our probiotics contain highly-selected strains of good bacteria that when added to feed have been associated with several health benefits:

  • Supporting normal growth potential 
  • Supporting normal intestinal function
  • Contributing to safer food
  • Supporting normal animal welfare
  • Supporting normal nutrient absorption. 

With a portfolio of products available, you can fit a probiotic feeding program to your current needs.