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Ripening cultures for flavor differentiation

Take your cheese in the flavor direction you wish

Recent research shows that flavor is the most important attribute of cheese with a striking 88% of US consumers regarding taste as the main reason for eating cheese. 25% of US consumers even associate cheese with indulgence (source: Mintel 2020). 

The consumer demand for interesting, new taste experiences creates a significant opportunity for cheesemakers to differentiate their products on flavor. For that purpose, Chr. Hansen has developed a comprehensive range of DVS® ripening cultures that enable cheesemakers to customize their cheese whether they wish to expand their portfolio by creating new cheeses with signature flavors or they wish to renew consumer interest in existing product lines by injecting new life into them. 

Our ripening cultures include animal and microbial lipases that allow cheesemakers to produce authentic flavor for certified halal, kosher, and vegetarian options. 

The range also includes ripening cultures for improved appearance and process efficiency across many cheese types.


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