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SPICEIT® Achieve first-class flavor using lipase

Spice up your cheese with our range of lipase solutions

Lipases are enzymes, that enhance the breakdown of milk-fat triglycerides to free fatty acids, which facilitate the development of a sharp and piquant flavor profile in the cheese. The result is a handcrafted stamp in the cheesemaking. 


SPICEIT® AC, AG, AL and AM are animal lipases, and the enzyme of each origin (extracted from calf, kid goat or lamb) has its individual flavor profile.

  • halal certified

SPICEIT® are microbial lipases isolated from fungi and can be used in shorter-ripened cheese types like feta and Italian-style cheeses to accelerate the flavor development.

SPICEIT® M100 is the first microbial lipase with an animal flair in the market. It helps to develop the highest amount of short chain fatty acids in your cheese, while keeping the soapy notes not detectable.

  • All our microbial lipases are certified halal, kosher and suitable for vegetarian

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