Blue cheese cutting board

SWING® cultures for perfect appearance 

Ensure the right maturation and longer shelf life

In the soft-cheese market, customers look for nice-looking products with mild, clean flavor or for cheeses with character that tap into traditions and the natural-food trend. For cheese producers, it is of utmost importance to provide cheeses with longer shelf life and high stability as well as taste, flavor and texture.

At Chr. Hansen, we have selected our surface-ripening cultures to guarantee long-ageing products, well-defined flavor and consistent appearance.

  • SWING® PC: Range of white-mold cultures for camembert and brie types cheeses
  • SWING® PR: Traditional blue-cheese cultures with characteristic round flavor
  • SWING® GEO: White-surface cultures with mild flavor, helping to obtain a more traditional aspect
  • SWING® LAF: Yeast for the surface or the curd, resulting in mild to fruity flavors
  • SWING® BL/SALSA: Orange/yellow cultures for the rind and typical intense flavor characteristics.

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