F-DVS® Pure Appeal: New Chr. Hansen culture for pizza reduces degree of browning by up to 100 percent

F-DVS® Pure Appeal: New Chr. Hansen culture for pizza reduces degree of browning by up to 100 percent
Chr. Hansen's new culture meets consumer expectations for food made with natural ingredients
Press Release | Sep 01. 2020 12:35 GMT

Achieves a predictable appearance – every time!
It is not known exactly who was the first person to put toppings on a flatbread and eat it, but whoever that was, modern humans owe them a debt of gratitude. People all over the world love pizza, and the ever increasing demand is accelerating the production of pasta filata, which is the largest, fastest growing segment and most globally widespread cheese type, accounting for 25% of cheese produced globally. According to Bloomberg, it is estimated to reach EUR 78,570 million (USD 88,853 million) by 2027 with a CAGR of 5.5% (2019-2027), primarily driven by the food service industry.

Global bioscience company Chr. Hansen now offers a new product that can help pasta filata makers to produce mozzarella type cheeses, and regional variants such as provolone, kashkaval, oaxaca and many more, with a tailored level of browning, when the cheese is baked on top of pizza for the food service industry. The F-DVS® Pure Appeal™ culture is launched on a global scale to ensure that pasta filata producers have the choice they require to satisfy current and emerging consumer trends and create the appearance that consumers associate with a desirable pizza experience.

Empowering cheese and pizza producers to stay on top of browning and quality 
“As food service pizza continues its aggressive growth, globally, we are focused on addressing customer needs with practical solutions. Pizzerias pride themselves on expedient service with intent to deliver pizza to their customers from point-of-sale to consumption as fast as possible. Having predictable cheese performance, and appearance, is critical and often times out of their control – especially “browning”, explains Tony Salvador, commercial development manager, Pasta Filata, Chr. Hansen. “One key reason is the need to optimize pizza baking time for faster delivery, hence increased oven temperature, which “burns” the cheese. In addition, there is a distinct consumer trend towards whiter looking (less burned) pizza appeal,” he elaborates.

To the rescue comes our new F-DVS® Pure Appeal™ culture, which reduces the degree of browning by up to 100% and enables pizzamakers to achieve predictable appearance every time. At the same time, the solution helps protect the cheese from yeast and mold spoilage throughout the supply chain.

“As a natural solution, F-DVS® Pure Appeal™ culture meets consumer expectations for food made with natural ingredients, and it contributes to a stronger sustainability profile through enhanced water and energy conservation,” Tony Salvador adds. “As the global demand for pizza continues to rise, the ability to control browning and quality becomes a key priority. Chr. Hansen continuously develops and diversifies the pizza market opportunities. Here our new product launch can really make a difference and help customers in the food service industry improve functionality and maintain efficiency, which is a key competitive parameter,” concludes Tony Salvador.

DVS® is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S

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