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Pasta filata

Global demand for pizza continues to rise, making efficiency and functionality ever more important for consumers and producers alike

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Explore what consumers and producers are really after when it comes to the cheese on their pizza.


Pasta filata is characterized by its functionality which, when heated (e.g. on a pizza), can generate the authentic stretch and mouthfeel that consumers associate with a desirable pizza experience. Regional examples of such cheese types include mozzarella, pizza cheese, provolone, kashkaval, oaxaca and many more. 

The comprehensive functional benefits of pasta filata have driven the segment to become the largest, fastest growing and most globally widespread cheese type. It accounts for more than 20% of cheese produced globally and estimated to reach USD 88,853 million (EUR 78,570 million) by 2027 with a CAGR of 5.5% (2019-2027)1


Satisfy current and emerging consumer trends

As food service pizza continued its aggressive growth, we embarked on a journey nearly two decades ago as we sensed the global craving for pizza was outpacing per-capita cheese consumption. As a result, Chr. Hansen launched a series of high yielding cultures and enzymes. The intent was to offer pasta filata makers the ability to increase cheese volumes and maximize milk efficiency through natural solutions while keeping intense focus to protect downstream whey fractionation processes.

Staying true to our strong heritage, we have continued our development of yield enhancement solutions, simultaneously addressing functionality and sustainability to ensure that pasta filata producers have the choices they require to satisfy current and emerging consumer trends.

Our innovative spirit thrives with constant research and development to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of collaborative partnership to achieve their objectives and succeed in the pasta filata industry.

Maximize efficiency and maintain authentic functionality

Learn more about combining your preferred Chr. Hansen culture program with our latest innovations to maximize efficiency while maintaining authentic functionality.

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