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Ripening solutions for an adventure of the senses

Join us on a journey to your signature cheese

Piquant, buttery or nutty? Blue, green or orange? Chr. Hansen invites cheesemakers on an adventure of the senses. Not only can the right ripening solutions take flavor and appearance of cheese in the desired direction – they can even optimize productivity!

Finding the perfect flavor

Research shows, that flavor is the most important attribute of cheese with a striking 88% of US consumers regarding taste as the main reason for eating cheese. 25% of US consumers even associate cheese with indulgence (Mintel 2020).

The consumer demand for interesting, new taste experiences creates a significant opportunity for cheesemakers to differentiate their products on flavor. For that purpose, Chr. Hansen has developed a comprehensive range of DVS® ripening cultures and lipases that enable cheesemakers to customize their cheese whether they wish to expand their portfolio by creating new cheeses with signature flavors, or they wish to renew consumer interest in existing product lines by injecting new life into them.

From mild, to complex or intense, we’ll help you find the flavor profile for cheese that thrills consumers.  




A feast for the eyes 

While flavor may be the most important attribute of cheese, the visual profile of a product is a significant component of what induces consumers to make a purchase. The rise of social media as a platform to share food pictures, fuels the large varieties of e.g. soft cheese with complex surface and visual appeal.  

Whether with color, surface rind, veins or eyes, Chr. Hansen’s ripening solutions can help cheesemakers develop the visual profile that makes their cheese stand out in the dairy aisle. Ripening cultures, such as DVS® PS and SWING®, offer world-class performance that can support cheesemakers achieve a unique visual result that will set them apart from the rest. 




The right cheese at the right pace 

Once thought of as an automatic process with little room for tweaking, the ripening speed of cheese can, in fact, be sped up or slowed down to create unique results and optimize profitability. 

By accelerating the speed of ripening, cheesemakers can reduce the time required to bring e.g. cheddar and continental cheese to market, enhancing productivity and increasing storage savings to optimize their profitability. In cases where producers of soft cheese prefer to extend shelf life, Chr. Hansen’s innovative ripening range include solutions that keep the product fresh for longer, enabling cheesemakers to take the reins of their production process and create their cheese at their pace.


Partnering to achieve something new 

In the ripening team at Chr. Hansen, we share a deep fascination of how the right combination of cultures and enzymes can create exciting new taste experiences. 

By using our Taste-IT tool, we’re eager to guide cheesemakers through the world of spectacular cheese to find their unique flavor and appearance that will thrill consumers tomorrow and beyond.  


The Taste-IT Tool

The Taste-IT Tool is a digital tool designed to assist with professional tasting sessions. The interactive tool helps cheesemakers to evaluate their cheese and to understand how our solutions can help take their cheeses in new, interesting flavor directions.  

The journey begins now: 
contact us to explore what our ripening solutions can make possible for cheesemakers worldwide. 


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