The LACTOSENS® R test is a direct assay on a biochip that very specifically measures lactose in mere minutes in low lactose and lactose-free dairy products

Market challenge

For many dairies, controlling and verifying the lactose concentration in lactose-free and low lactose dairy products is challenging because many of the methods available are not optimal. Current methods tend to be imprecise, slow and laborious or expensive – or any combination of these.

Without access to a fast and precise method for lactose concentration measurement, dairies may have to wait for days to get a result for product release – or release batches based on “typical” results and not have batch-specific concentration data available for all productions.

Our solution

The LACTOSENS®R test is a direct assay on a biochip that very specifically measures residual lactose in mere minutes in an expanded range of lactose-free and low lactose dairy products. The new LactoSens®R allows testing to be done with flavors such as coffee and chocolate. Validated against the HPLC reference method, LACTOSENS®R is available in the following three versions:

For use with HA-LACTASE:

  • LACTOSENS® 0.02% - concentration range 0.02-1% and very useful for low-lactose products
  • LACTOSENS®R - concentration range 0.008-0.2%, the product for lactose-free batch release

For use with NOLA® FIT lactase:

  • LACTOSENS®R for NOLA® FIT  - concentration range 0.008-0.2% , for batch release of NOLA® FIT  produced lactose-free dairy products

The benefits

  • Release products faster: as soon as in-house testing confirms the lactose concentration is at the claimed level
  • Traceability: documented low lactose and lactose-free claims for every batch produced
  • Easy to use: very low training requirements
  • Specific: no interference from other sugars, coffee, chocolate or fruit preps
  • Certainty: validated against the HPLC reference method

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