Unlock the potential for lactose-free and reduced sugar yogurt

Market challenge

Today, consumers of lactose-free dairy products often experience off flavor issues and the manufacturers struggle with high cost of fermented dairy free of lactose. Lactose-free dairy, as well as reduced sugar products are perceived as a healthier alternative and will be chosen only if not compromising on the tastiness. Manufacturers therefore seek to solve the dilemma of healthy or tasty by providing new solutions, which will still have an attractive cost in use.

Our solution

By bringing the supreme, cutting edge lactase NOLA® Fit to the market, we enable premium taste dairy products to be produced at affordable cost and totally free from lactose. It is possible thanks to the high specific activity of the enzyme over a wide pH and temperature, just where the process will need it. Authentic, clean taste of the product is guaranteed by the supreme purity of NOLA® Fit.

NOLA® Fit was developed to unlock the potential in the lactose-free and reduced sugar fermented milk market and even more to accommodate the needs of pure taste liquid lactose-free market.

Why NOLA® Fit?

An efficient and convenient way to go lactose-free and to reduce added sugar not only in liquid milk but also fermented milk market. 

  • Go lactose-free ensuring the authentic taste of dairy
  • Increase sweetness without adding sugar or extra calories
  • Optimize profitability for lactose-free dairy production

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