SWEETY® culture

Use nature’s own process of fermentation to cut the sugar while keeping the sweetness 

Market challenge

In a market driven by taste and quality concerns, where healthy and natural options are quickly becoming the standard, yogurt makers are challenged to create delicious, tasty food products without the added sugar or artificial sweeteners they may have included before.

Our solution

At Chr. Hansen, we aim to offer solutions that help dairies rise to this challenge by creating wisely delicious products. SWEETY® Y-3 is the newest culture in our SWEETY® range which rounds out our portfolio of culture and enzyme solutions that help dairy producers balance their recipes and find their low-sugar sweet spots.

The SWEETY® culture works by converting lactose to glucose, naturally enhancing the sweetness perception in yogurt and enabling organic and VLOG labeling. 


What can SWEETY® do for you?

Less sugar, same sweetness

Keep the sweetness and reduce added sugar by 0.5-1g per 100g of yogurt.

Stable shelf life

Offer consumers consistent sensory experiences due to low post-acidification throughout shelf life, even in challenging cold chain conditions.

All natural

Ensure a standard of identity for yogurt by using a natural solution containing St. and Lb.

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