SWEETY® Cultures

Reduce the amount of added sugar in yogurt and keep the sweetness, using only culture

The pressure to reduce sugar comes from several stakeholders

Globally, sugar reduction is a very relevant issue. Health organizations and governments are setting objectives to reduce sugar in foods, while retailers are pledging their commitment to reducing sugar in products in their stores. Consumers are increasingly focusing on sugar content, while looking for natural products that taste great. This leaves dairy manufacturers with the challenge of reducing the amount of added sugar without compromising on quality.

A natural culture solution

SWEETY® cultures can make fermented milk products healthier by reducing added sugar yet keeping the good taste of the product.

SWEETY® cultures work by converting the naturally occurring sugars in milk, using more of the lactose and leaving glucose. Glucose provides sweetness, meaning that less sugar needs to be added for the same sweetness intensity of the final fermented milk product. This enables the development of natural and clean label products without the use of artificial sweeteners.

Chr. Hansen is dedicated to ensuring improved food and health not only for this generation but for the generations to come. To do this, we are actively contributing to the UN Global Goals, such as Goal #3 for good health and well-being.


Benefits of SWEETY® cultures

Enhanced sweetness by converting the existing sugars in milk.

A sweet taste throughout shelf life due to very low post acidification

Natural and clean label products with no need for artificial sweeteners

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