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A solution to meet the needs of over 70% of the world’s population!

More and more consumers are turning to dairy as an important source of protein and nutrients, and consume dairy products at several different times of the day. As the daily consumption of dairy products increases, providing lactose-free alternatives is key to ensuring that consumers take advantage of the positives benefits of dairy, while minimizing the potential discomforts caused by lactose. 

HA-LACTASE™ is the ideal solution for developing tasty and healthy lactose-free products.

HA-LACTASE™ - One product, two solutions!

HA-LACTASE™ is an enzyme produced by Kluyveromyces lactis and works by breaking down the lactose (a disaccharide) in milk into galactose and glucose (monosaccharides). For dairy producers, this is fantastic news, as it provides an opportunity to differentiate in two ways:

  • Production of all types of lactose-free dairy products: Use HA-LACTASE™ to remove lactose in milk, yogurt, quark, cheese and other dairy to provide dairy products with low or no lactose for easy digestibility
  • Reducing sugar in fermented dairy: HA-LACTASE™ converts lactose to glucose and galactose, both of which are perceived to taste sweeter than lactose. This enables the dairy producer to reduce the sugar (or other sweetener) content, typically by 1–2 gram per 100 gram

HA-LACTASE™ products and application

HA-LACTASE™ is available in several pack sizes and two activity levels: 2100 NLU/g and 5200 NLU/g, and also for use with Flex-Dos and Vario-Dos sterile packaging equipment. HA-LACTASE™ products can be used for Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian and GMO-free products.

HA-LACTASE™ products are backed up by technical and application support from our Dairy Application Specialists, who can advise on questions related to the use of HA-LACTASE™ in dairy applications.

New Product Development—the easy way!

We have developed some tasty lactose-free dairy concepts that are just waiting to be made available to your target consumers—recipes, production information and application support are available from Chr Hansen. Take a look at our NOLA® and our YOOPII concepts.


Lactose: a type of sugar present naturally in milk products
Lactase: an enzyme needed to break down lactose in order to digest it properly

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