The most popular type of cheese in the English-speaking world.

This is not without reason. Today’s Cheddar cheese market is driven by three major consumer trends. First, the sensory experience is paramount and a key point of differentiation. It has broad customer appeal with younger consumers preferring mild, short-ripened varieties, while older consumers tend to favor mature and extra-mature, long-ripened varieties. Second, the market has lately seen a steep rise in the selection of convenient, ready-to-use cheese packs holding slices, shreds, snack bites etc. Finally, modern consumers are aware of their health and appreciate better-for-you choices, such as reduced fat variants.

Cheddar cheese manufacturers are constantly seeking to meet these consumer trends by optimizing existing and developing new production technologies. Production control, robustness and flexibility are fundamental for meeting a large and growing global market. The ability to create distinguished flavor and texture characteristics in a mature table cheese, mild Cheddar slices, or healthier, sodium-reduced alternatives adds further value to the final product. You might also prioritize reaching desired flavor and texture characteristics faster without impacting overall quality. 

Chr. Hansen offers a wide range of EASY-SET™ and DVS® Starter and Ripening Cultures, which may be combined in numerous ways to meet the needs of the Cheddar cheese manufacturer and consumer.

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