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Keep dairy great and fresh with natural food cultures.

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A unique market challenge

As consumers, we have likely all suffered food poisoning at some point, found a moldy yogurt at the back of the fridge, or thrown out rotten food. At the same time, most of us are increasingly aware of what we eat and on the look-out for undesirable additives and chemicals on the label.

The modern food industry is therefore under increasing pressure to provide safe, healthy, tasty, and natural products with few additives. What's more, there can be no compromise in terms of shelf life, the demand for sustainable production, and the reduction of food waste.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

It is possible to satisfy these market requirements as long as you improve quality and consistency using natural methods. FRESHQ® food cultures with bioprotective effect offer a safe solution based on traditional principles of fermentation. They have been specially selected to protect dairy products against spoilage caused by yeast and mold.

This kind of bioprotection can make a good hygiene program and cold chain even more effective.

What can FRESHQ® do for you?

  • Go natural 
    If you improve quality and consistency the natural way, you can keep up with the market demand for healthier products without artificial ingredients. 
  • Take control 
    While it takes time and diligence to build a strong brand, everything can be compromised in one moment. Take control of your yeast and mold risk. 
  • Stay fresh 
    A lot can happen after your product leaves your production facility. Use FRESHQ® cultures with protective properties to help make sure it stays the way you made it throughout shelf life. 
  • Extend shelf life 
    FRESHQ® can help keep dairy products fresh for longer. Become the preferred partner to your retailers. 

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