Toasting wine glasses

In white wines

Full body or crispy and sharp, depending on your ideas. We have the toolbox to achieve it!

Full-body white wines can be obtained using PRELUDE™ (pure Torulaspora delbrueckii yeast product), followed by MELODY™, one of the most admired yeast products for high-end, complex Chardonnay wines, and finishing with malolactic fermentation using CH35 or OENOS™.

Bright white wines, expressing the fruit, may be obtained by using FROOTZEN® Pichia kluyveri yeast, before using a Saccharomyces strain like JAZZ™ and followed by CINE™ to manage malic-acid conversion into lactic acid without producing the typical dairy-like flavors. The wine is therefore stabilized (through the total consumption of the malic acid) and the level of sulfites can be lowered to minimal levels similar to the sulfite level in red wines.

For a few examples of how we can help with white wines, download our brochure on Chardonnay wines and how our VINIFLORA® toolbox can help secure the final result expected from a Chardonnay.

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