Cottage cheese on bread

Cottage cheese

Demand for healthy, natural and high protein products

Think both target group and eating occasions

The first trend is a clear demand from consumers for more differentiation, helping them to satisfy a need for a very specific occasion. For instance, within male-fitness communities on social media, the use of cottage cheese for muscle-building programs, whether before or after workouts, is often discussed.

Beyond fruit and vegetables

The second trend is based on the insight that cottage cheese is seldom eaten alone. Over the past decades, cottage cheese producers have taken advantage of this by offering cottage cheese with fruit, jams or vegetables. However, as consumer segments become increasingly fragmented, the food they consume together with cottage cheese is also diversifying. Now, consumers demand crackers, nuts, spices and different sizes of the curd as well.

The significance of single servings 

The third trend, which has been well-established over recent years, is that of single servings. Around two thirds of new cottage cheese product introductions are marketed in pack sizes of 350 grams or below.

Cottage cheese is experiencing a remarkable growth of interest. Consumers in search of a healthy lifestyle are demanding more healthy products consisting only of natural ingredients. Consumers are also looking to increase their protein intake, and an increasing number are seeking to get this from non-meat sources. As especially low-fat products are high in demand, cottage cheese - as the original low-fat high-protein dairy product - seems to have a great future ahead. 

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