Brie jam and grapes on wooden board

CHY-MAX® Special

Optimal texture and flavor in soft cheese – with short time-to-market!

Market challenge

Soft cheese producers are often faced with challenges related to too fast texture degradation and high levels of bitterness in their Camembert or Brie cheeses. This defects in many instances lead to shorter shelf-life and bad consumer perception of cheese quality.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

In order to overcome these challenges, Chr. Hansen has developed a new coagulant, CHY-MAX® Special. This coagulant provides optimum quality throughout shelf-life with a high initial protein break-down that enables the cheeses to be on the market shortly after production.

Why CHY-MAX® Special?

  • Reduced bitterness
  • Optimal texture during shelf-life
  • Possible shelf-life extension
  • Coagulant reduction in cheese recipe

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