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Direct inoculation cultures

The unrivaled benefits of direct inoculation cultures for wine: VINIFLORA® DVS®

VINIFLORA® oenological bacteria are ready for direct inoculation, thanks to our DVS® technology bringing four main advantages to winemakers, quality managers and winery managers.

These four types of advantages are the reasons an increasing number of advanced winemakers or winery managers ask for VINIFLORA® and only VINIFLORA®



VINIFLORA® products are ready to use!

Open a bag of VINIFLORA®, pour its content in your wine tank or your cask and let VINIFLORA® cultures work. This is unrivaled convenience and the time saved allow winemakers to focus on more important tasks, such as monitoring their fermentations rather than preparing build-up cultures.


Consistency through top quality

VINIFLORA® products represent the highest quality available on the market.

Each batch of VINIFLORA® bacteria is tested before release through a proprietary and unique test named 'MACC test' (Malic Acid Conversion test) to permit us to provide winemakers with:

  • a high number of active cells to achieve the malolactic fermentation

  • AND viable cells in wine, to survive once inoculated in this environment. 

Our manufacturing process and quality checks are designed such that you will only receive bacteria adapted to wine conditions and ready to work after their inoculation into grape juice, must or wine.


Process control

Thanks to this high level of quality, VINIFLORA® products bring an excellent level of process control to winemakers. Three benefits are directly related to this improvement in the management of malolactic fermentations:

  • faster and safer fermentations with finished wines ready earlier, saving on energy costs

  • wine quality improvement with better tasting notes, prizes or medals with impact on mouthfeel, flavors, control of undesirable microorganisms

  • improvement in food safety and traceability, as VINIFLORA® products do not produce biogenic amines (histamine for instance) during malolactic fermentations. This helps to facilitate exportation.

Using VINIFLORA® you take control of your malolactic fermentation. You know how many days the fermentation will take, you know exactly what species is working in your winery or in a specific wine tank, and thanks to our highly concentrated products, you can bio-protect the must or the wine with a high concentration of active bacteria cells therefore preserving the work done at previous stages.

Return on investment

The benefits of using VINIFLORA® are various and highly related to the type of wine, the type of winery. 

With all the benefits winemakers can get from their management of malolactic fermentations with VINIFLORA® products, the usage cost for a winery is very low, and the return on investment when buying VINIFLORA® is very high. 

VINIFLORA® - DVS® bacteria are increasingly used around the world due to their low 'cost in use', lower than any other malolactic fermentation management solution: spontaneous or indirect inoculation kits.

Contact us if you have questions about how VINIFLORA® can help you and your winery save energy, time, money and create value.

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