White Flora


Mesophilic starter culture system designed for white cheese

Market opportunity

White cheese is the fastest growing global cheese category with 5% annual growth. Customers want new taste experiences and convenient formats, such as sliced, cubed and crumbled white cheese, for use at home or in food service1. Additionally, local and global competition is intensifying. For the position of your brand, it is more important than ever to keep improving both product quality and production efficiency.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

Since 1874, Chr. Hansen has helped cheesemakers to reach new levels of craftsmanship. DVS® WHITE FLORA is our new starter culture system for making delicious white cheese. 


1 Chr. Hansen market intelligence


Improve your product and processing with


  • Rich flavor
    Create delicious white cheeses with rich and aromatic notes, formed by mesophilic strains. 
  • More flexibility
    The cultures can be used with both fresh milk and milk concentrated by ultrafiltration. 
  • Consistent quality
    Secure highly controlled acidification and phage robustness. Reach a stable end-pH of 4.6 to 4.8 in typically 8 hours per batch. 

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