Chr. Hansen Vega plant based feast

Fermented plant bases – a strategic lighthouse innovating plant-based foods

Meeting consumers’ desire for plant based foods – fermentation solutions for spoonable and drinkable fermented milk alternatives and fermented beverages

Over recent years, we have witnessed an explosion in consumers’ desire for plant based foods, propelled by a growing climate consciousness and desire to eat more healthily. This lighthouse under Food Cultures & Enzymes was introduced as part of the 2025 Strategy to tap into the potential of fermented dairy alternatives and healthier beverage choices including no/low alcohol beer.

Chr. Hansen sent the first products to address this interesting category on the market in 2017. Since then, the only way has been up. 

Partnerships to develop sustainable, innovative foods 

In April 2020, we joined MISTA, a California-based start-up optimizer focusing on the development of sustainable, innovative foods. With this collaboration, Chr. Hansen teams up with world-class food players Givaudan, Danone, Ingredion and Mars, to work with a selected cohort of around 20 start-up companies. It will also collaborate with a range of service partners, venture financers and renowned universities such as UC Davis and UC Berkeley.

MISTA brings together the power and expertise of large companies operating in different segments of the value chain, and the agility and fast-paced innovation spirit of start-ups, providing a platform for rapid and focused innovation with an in-built path for commercialization – ultimately co-creating solutions that address the health and wellness of both people and the planet.


What are fermented plant bases?


Bioprotection for fermented plant bases

Most recently (November 2020), Chr. Hansen launched bioprotection for fermented dairy alternatives as an example of innovation spanning two strategic lighthouses: VEGA™ FRESHQ® consists of lactic acid bacteria selected for their ability to out-compete contaminants through fermentation. It works in a variety of plant bases to help keep products fresh for longer and help fight food waste also in this segment. As we embark on this new chapter, we are one step closer to building a more resilient food system and making sustainable consumption possible for every food preference.

Non-alcoholic beer – the fastest growing segment of the beer market

Included in this Lighthouse are also our activities in the attractive non-alcoholic beer market, which is the fastest growing segment of the beer market. Our unique NEER® product allows breweries to take complexity and time out of the brewing process and reduce waste of raw materials while making flavorful low and no alcohol beers to the benefit of health conscious consumers, religious target groups, pregnant women and others who prefer to enjoy a nice beer without consuming alcohol. 

Market opportunities

The long-term opportunity for the fermented plant bases market is estimated to be more than EUR 100 million with an addressable market of less than EUR 100 million in 2025. 


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