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VEGA FRESHQ® – Keep fermented plant bases great and fresh

Meet consumer demand for healthy and sustainable fermented plant-based products with natural food cultures

The market for fermented plant-based options is growing rapidly. Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy and sustainable food options, and particularly in ways to reduce food waste. 

Including VEGA FRESHQ® food culture in fermentation can help you meet these trends. The bioprotective effects of fermentation can help extend shelf life, build and protect your brand. 


What can VEGA FRESHQ® do for you?

Take control

Fermenting with VEGA FRESHQ® in the food culture solution helps protect plant-based products against yeast and mold spoilage, enabling you to deliver a more consistent and enjoyable brand experience. 

Stay fresh
Including VEGA FRESHQ® culture in the fermentation helps protect and maintain your product quality throughout its shelf life and all the way to the consumer. It can help improve robustness against contamination also during the open phase.

Extending shelf life can reduce food waste
A longer shelf life can help reduce food waste across the value chain. Addressing food waste through fermentation with better bioprotective effect can help position your brand as more sustainable, a quality of particular appeal to plant-based shoppers.

Keep it natural
Plant-based consumers are particularly interested in all-natural food products. Including FRESHQ® cultures in your fermentation can help you meet consumer demand for real food without making unwanted additions to the ingredients list.


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