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Rosé winemaking

The latest news from Chr. Hansen. Make great rosé with limited sulfites by managing malolactic fermentation with CINE™! Yes, managing malo in rosé wines is now possible.

The core demand today is high fruit-flavor intensity, low-sulfites rosé wines. Chr. Hansen has been a pioneer in developing the ultimate recipe to get a final wine answering this demand.

We recommend starting with Pichia kluyveri (FROOTZEN®) to maximize flavor intensity followed by JAZZ (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and CINE™ for malolactic fermentation. This MLF management is the cornerstone in a protocol design to considerably reduce the level of sulfites present in the final rosé. CINE™ will not produce diacetyl or other creamy/buttery flavors during the fermentation, protecting the fruit-flavor profile.