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Bring back some freshness to Mediterranean red wines with CONCERTO™, a natural alternative to push away uniformization.

A specific strain of Lachancea thermotolerans selected in a Mediterranean country with unique capabilities, CONCERTO can help increase wine’s total acidity through a natural, microbial solution.

Launched in 2012, CONCERTO is a pure Lachancea thermotolerans strain ideal for wines produced in warm climates. It produces lactic acid giving roundness and balanced acidity to the wines and therefore improving their freshness.

Aside from freshness, flavor complexity is also enhanced when using CONCERTO, as the first yeast to kick-start the alcoholic fermentation. 

CONCERTO can also produce ethyl isobutyrate, combining ethanol and isobutyric acid, this molecule is known to be one of the major components of fresh strawberries aroma. 

Definitively a product to use before you inoculate your usual yeast if you produce red, rosé or white wines in a warm to hot area. Perfect dosage: 25 g/hl; 2 to 3 days of fermentation before second inoculation.