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Revolutionize your path to intense, buttery flavor in young continental cheeses

For consumers of premium and affordable products alike, taste is the most important driver shaping purchasing decisions. Following taste, convenience is also a crucial factor that influences decisions around buying and consuming cheese. For producers of young foil-ripened continental cheese, options for differentiating flavor has been limited.

F-DVS® CR-Buttery02 is a ripening solution that is uniquely designed to intensify the natural buttery flavor in continental cheese. The flavor development happens at low temperature and within a short time, thereby reducing time to market. Due to no eye formation and good sliceability, CR-Buttery02 caters to consumer demands for a convenient sliced format, less waste produced during production, and a subsequently more sustainable product. 

Buttery flavor in cheese builds on the formation of diacetyl. CR-Buttery02 yields a high diacetyl level after just 2-4 weeks and even at a ripening temperature of 5°C. The diacetyl level remains high throughout ripening, and this is underscored by its intense buttery flavor. When using a citrate-negative starter culture, no eye formation is observed.