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From light to delightful: Change the game in reduced- fat cheese with new ripening culture

Market challenge

Making reduced-fat cheeses of premium quality can be a challenge. A flavorless sensation of rubber in one’s mouth has often been the result when natural fats are reduced, leading to moderate commercial success for cheese producers that wanted to pursue the opportunities in this growing segment. Consumers, however health-oriented they may be, are unwilling to compromise on taste. But over 50% of consumers globally would buy reduced-fat cheese, if the quality was better (Euromonitor International 2015).

Chr. Hansen’s solution

The new F-DVS® Delight™ ripening culture is a 3-in-1 solution to eliminate bitterness, restore flavor balance and give a smooth texture in cheeses with reduced calories.

  • It brings unique benefits to  reduced-fat Cheddar  and  continental cheeses.

  • It is targeted at producers who wish to meet the increasing demand for healthier, yet indulgent cheeses

Why Delight™?

  • Delight™ is specially designed to keep the character and bring out a clean taste and a rounder flavor in reduced fat cheese.
  • Producers of lower fat cheese can go from light to delightful, ensuring consumers a creamy feel and a pleasant solubility in their mouths.
  • Contrary to many ripening cultures, Delight™ does not have a side effect on curd acidification, which opens the door to new areas: Mold soft cheese, blue cheeses, cheeses with high residual sugars or high water content can all be inoculated with Delight™ without risk of post-acidification.