Yoghurts with topping

Happy indulgence

Yogurt’s sweet spot of healthy indulgence should be leveraged

A delicious, but healthy alternative

Studies have shown that the largest percentage of yogurts and yogurt drinks are consumed for health reasons. “Better for you” yogurt serves as an opportunity for everyday indulgence, as it allows consumers to treat themselves—without compromising on health benefits.

Key drivers for yogurt indulgence:

High texture mild flavor, indulgent flavors such as chocolate, caramel or fruity flavors, and a clean label.

How can we help?

Based on consumer insights and attitudes towards the yogurt indulgence category, we have developed mild cultures that help manufactures deliver indulgent taste and freshness, creamy texture and a pure and natural health profile.

Consumer trends

74 %

of consumers say yogurt is a satisfying replacement for high-calorie/fat desserts

47 %

of consumers say that yogurt and yogurt drinks are indulgent

33 %

of consumers eat yogurt to treat themselves (source: Mintel)