Portion of creamy yogurt with raspberries

Creme delight

Indulgent cultured dessert

Differentiate your dairy portfolio with a new concept from Chr. Hansen 

If you would like a fresh take on modern dairy desserts and welcome the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition, target new consumer groups and thereby grow the market, Chr. Hansen’s new Creme Delight concept may interest you. 

Deluxe alternative to yogurt — healthier than ice cream

“Creme Delight is an indulgent, yet relatively healthy snack. It is a creamy deluxe alternative to yogurt and a healthy dessert alternative to mousses and ice cream. We believe there is an opportunity within the segment of modern, young people, so we would like to bring inspiration to our customers on how to offer a different kind of product and reach new consumers,” says Karsten Tjener, Marketing Director, Chr. Hansen. 

“The cultured dessert has a very mild profile compared to yogurt, which makes it ideal for introducing new flavors such as coconut, “brown flavors” (toffee, coffee, chocolate), lemon and other fresh fruity notes,” explains Tjener who predicts a global interest in the concept. 

Creme Delight is based on all-natural ingredients not requiring stabilizers and with a relatively low sugar content. The world’s most studied Bifidobacterium, BB-12® ensures a healthy profile and contributes to the unique fresh taste. 

We see our new concept as an exciting expansion of the dairy shelves in supermarkets. We have presented it to a number of customers in Asia, North America and Europe, where it has generated positive interest

Karsten Tjener

Marketing Director Chr. Hansen

BB-12® is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S

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