Chr Hansen yeast products

Specialty yeasts for advanced winemaking

The most advanced winemakers are fond of them. Discover the new frontier in yeasts and make wines that have this distinctive natural, wild touch.

For winemakers wishing to be closer to a wild alcoholic fermentation character

We propose an exclusive range of specialty yeasts known as "non-Saccharomyces" products for selected grape juices, musts or wines from different wine regions around the world.

Chr. Hansen was the first company to investigate the promising field of "non-Saccharomyces cerevisiae" species in winemaking. Our products are the result of careful and patient work, performed by our wine research team, to study the population of yeasts present in wine grape juices and musts and select the best of them.

The idea is quite simple, knowing that wines that have been through a wild alcoholic fermentation offer a higher complexity, both in mouthfeel and flavors, how to give winemakers new, innovative tools for "wild alcoholic fermentations" in secure and controlled conditions?


A decade after our first discovery

Chr. Hansen now offers four different products in our range of specialty wine yeasts to help winemakers initiate the pre-fermentation:

Three pure-strain products to be inoculated as "first yeast" into grape juice/must to initiate the alcoholic fermentation as a starter and then followed by the winemaker’s favorite classical yeast, from the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Our range of specialty yeasts brings a distinctive touch to wines, helping winemakers to differentiate their production from another’s. After 10 years of presence we can see the interest in specialty yeasts booming within the winemaker community. 

From natural winemakers to large wine companies, the concept of selecting and using several populations of yeasts from different species is now perceived as being a highly attractive field of investigation for advanced winemakers.

Our 'non-saccharomyces' products have been used successfully by winemakers worldwide since 2003. An increasing number of internationally awarded wines have been made using the VINIFLORA® range of yeasts and bacteria. 

All our yeasts are suitable for organic winemakers. 

See Chr. Hansen’s specialty yeasts status: suitable for Organic wine production in EU and USA.


Discover how VINIFLORA® specialty yeasts can help bio-protect your musts, convert flavor precursors and increase complexity and elegance

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