Yeast Merit


Selected with global warming consequences in mind, this strain is able to achieve alcoholic fermentation in high-alcohol wines or during the second alcoholic fermentation in sparkling wines!

MERIT™ is a fast and stable fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast with a low nitrogen requirement and low SO2 production, ideal for red and warm-climate wine fermentation (Figure 1). MERIT™ gives crisp and fresh wines and is perfect for use with our non-Saccharomyces yeasts, such as PRELUDE™, CONCERTO™ and FROOTZEN®. Due to its low SO2 production, MERIT™ also secures a favorable environment for malolactic fermentation.

MERIT™ has been selected from a warm climate and therefore has a high alcohol tolerance (up to 16 % vol.). Global warming has increased the sugar content in grapes in several places around the world, and MERIT™ is winning hearts and minds for its ability to:

  • finish alcoholic fermentation even in harsh conditions, while avoiding a lot of problem
  • give the requested complexity to both the body and the bouquet of red wines.

MERIT™ is used the world over in areas such as: the Rhône Valley, Languedoc and Bordeaux in France; Amarone, Toscany, Piemonte in Italy; Douro or Rioja in Spain. On top of this many premium wines from California, Australia or South Africa are built around this high-quality yeast.

Yeast Merit Graph

Figure 1. Fermentation profile of MERIT™ in Merlot from South Africa (2014)

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