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Hydroxycinnamic acids management

The very latest findings about cinnamoyl esterase strains and hydroxycinnamic (p-coutaric, caffeic, ferulic acids) management in winemaking.

How can selecting strains of malolactic bacteria according to their cinnamoyl esterase profile help winemakers decrease the risk of volatile phenols from Brettanomyces infections? 

These frequently updated pages present the very latest, state-of-the-art findings on complex technical topics such as cinnamoyl esterase (positive and negative strains), hydroxycinnamic (p-coutaric, caffeic, ferulic acids) management in winemaking, their antioxidant effect in wine, ongoing discussions about possible interactions between cinnamoyl esterase positive strains and Brettanomyces infection, and more. 

Update your knowledge and discover our guidelines to manage HCAs in wine.

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