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White cheese

Gaining shelf space in supermarkets across the globe.

The wide variety of white cheeses in local markets makes this category interesting and diverse. White cheeses include brined cheeses, Feta, Ultra Filtrated (UF) and Lokumlu. They are produced in markets such as the Balkans, Greece, Middle East, Northern Europe and Australia; all with unique qualities. 

Two common trends spanning the diversity are the increased industrialization of white cheese production and consumers’ rising demand for milder and fresher flavors. Farmhouse white cheeses, traditionally sold at the bazaar, have a pungent flavor, whereas the industrialization enables producers to offer varieties and meet the younger generation’s need for new flavors. This change in trend also drives the growth of Ultra Filtrated white cheese, which is generally milder in flavor with a compact and creamy texture.

Chr. Hansen’s DVS® White Cheese product portfolio offers producers the ability to tailor-make all white cheese to match individual preferences. DVS® White Cheese should be combined with Chr. Hansen’s coagulant and ripening cultures to further exploit the full potential of the cheese.