Salami on wooden board with olives

Salami & pepperoni

Safe solutions for fermented meats

Raw, fermented sausages, such as Italian salami, Spanish chorizo, German salami, French saucisson sec, and so many more, all come out of the ancient technology of salting, curing, fermenting and drying to create a shelf-stable meat product.

Nowadays, the cornerstone is no longer a matter of praying to higher powers or hoping for magical mercy from the endogenous “spoilage” bacteria. Today, the beneficial and attractive cultures are purified and produced under hygienic conditions to provide the desired acidification, flavor and color—every time!


Our range includes

  • BACTOFLAVOR® Flora Italia—with the smooth and gentle flavor of Italian salami but with a fast acidification for food safety. BACTOFLAVOR® Flora Italia also comes in a version with additional control against Listeria monocytogenes

  • BACTOFLAVOR® BFL-F04—sugar flex, fast pH, mild taste

  • BACTOFERM® SM-194—providing a Mediterranean flavor and a fast pH drop

  • BACTOFERM® F-SC-111—offers a fast pH decline and color development

  • BACTOFERM® Tradi-302—is well suited for a traditional and slower acidification with excellent flavor and color creation

  • BACTOFERM® BFL-T03—very mild, traditional, excellent flavor

  • BACTOFERM® BFL-F02—manual—south/mild

  • SAFEPRO® B-LC-007—is a combination culture having fast acidification, an attractive “Southern” flavor profile, and control against Listeria monocytogenes

  • SAFEPRO® B-LC-20—is our add-on opportunity for those wanting to complement their salami culture with Listeria monocytogenes control

  • BACTOFERM® HPS—is a pepperoni culture with a very fast pH decline at higher temperatures (above 32C/90F). The product comes in a frozen pelletized format

  • BACTOFERM® LHP DRY—is a freeze-dried pepperoni culture suitable for the pepperoni process (above 32C/90F). LHP DRY is a freeze-dried starter culture

  • BACTOFERM® CSB Omega—is a powerful pepperoni culture delivering both a fast pH drop as well as color development. It comes in a frozen pelletized format.

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