Cheese storage

Innovating to help consumers reduce cheese waste

Our range of natural cultures help cheese manufacturers – and consumers – tackle the food waste dilemma.

Reducing food waste has been identified by the UN as a Global Goal for Sustainable Development. Although consumer awareness of the impact of food waste is growing, a study published in 2016 showed that only 53% of US consumers1 were aware that food waste is a problem – even though they throw away approximately 36 billion kilos of food every year. Much of the waste is related to shelf-life, so how can food manufacturers meet the clean label consumer trend, while keeping food products fresh for longer? Our range of natural cultures help cheese manufacturers – and consumers – tackle the food waste dilemma.

With nearly 70% of the study respondents believing that food should be thrown away when reaching the sell-by date to avoid foodborne illness, extending shelf-life can help avoid vast quantities of food ending up in the thrash. The R&D teams at Chr. Hansen have developed innovative cultures to protect cheese products from yeast, mold and off-flavors. Known as bioprotection, these natural solutions can help cheese to stay fresh for longer and embrace the clean label trend. 

Cheese that stays fresh and tastes great

“Our bioprotective cultures within our FreshQ® and BIOSAFE™ ranges are exceptionally high-performing and robust,” says Morten Boesen, marketing director for cheese at Chr. Hansen. “FreshQ® is particularly effective in the production of white cheese, whereas BIOSAFE™ cultures are recommended for production of semi-hard and hard cheeses. These cultures mean that many more cheese consumers all over the world can enjoy longer lasting fresh and natural products.”

FreshQ® inhibits or postpones the growth of yeast and mold, which are the most common types of spoilage in cheese products. The cultures protect quality throughout the supply chain, which is particularly beneficial in regions where optimal refrigeration is difficult to secure. BIOSAFE™ cultures prevent late blowing and off-flavors caused by clostridia present in milk, and can also help improve the flavor profile of the cheese.

Consumer-driven innovation

“Consumer awareness of food waste is on the rise – and no one likes to throw away unopened products. Our goal with the FreshQ® and BIOSAFE™ cultures is to help cheese producers around the world to offer longer lasting and great tasting products to their consumers – without compromising their label,” says Morten Boesen. “Now even more consumers can enjoy longer-lasting delicious cheese dairy that tastes great and is free from unwanted artificial preservatives.”

Chr. Hansen offers bioprotective cultures that keep food fresh and safe for dairy, meat, smoked salmon and ready-to-eat salad.

1Household Food Waste: Multivariate Regression and Principal Components Analyses of Awareness and Attitudes among U.S. Consumers - PLOS research article - Published: July 21, 2016

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