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Meet Imre – warehouse operator trainee at site Copenhagen

Imre Danel has been a warehouse operator trainee at Chr. Hansen’s Copenhagen production site since 2020. He is studying at Technical Education Copenhagen (TEC) to become a warehouse operator, and traineeships constitute a large part of the education. Read on to learn more about what Imre does and what it’s like to be a trainee in Chr. Hansen.

Imre Danel is warehouse operator trainee at Chr. Hansen's production site in Avedoere, Denmark

Different departments and many exciting tasks

The production facilities at site Copenhagen encompass many different types of machines to produce and handle different ingredients and products at different stages of the production phases. This means that Chr. Hansen trainees get to experience many different tasks and are exposed to different equipment during their traineeship.

“I started out in the goods receipts function where one of my main responsibilities was to drive a forklift. I had only just got my forklift certificate so that required a lot of practicing. Then I moved on to the Freeze-dried Pick and Pack department, where I picked goods from our freeze-dried product portfolio. I had the same job transferring to the Frozen Pick & Pack, involving working in our minus 55oC walk-in freezer. I was trained in our SAP order system so that I could find the orders and get out the right products on my own. It has been exciting to perform different tasks, and I do enjoy a varied working day,” says Imre.  


A cold rush

For some, it can be an intimidating experience picking goods in a giant -55oC freezer, when you have never tried it before. But rest assured that at Chr. Hansen, it’s always safety first. They literally dress you for the challenge, supplying heated boots, multiple layers of clothes, hoodies, masks, hats and gloves.

“It was actually fun! I really liked it. I was trusted to solve the tasks on my own, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet inside the freezer. There was something very nice about it,” notes Imre. 

Structured and well-planned internship

In each department at site Copenhagen, a colleague has been appointed to be responsible for trainees. They are the trainees’ go-to-persons and manage the practicalities involved with the traineeships. They make sure that the trainees thrive and learn what they are supposed to during their stay. 

“I think it has worked well. It has given me a good understanding of my tasks and what is in focus in the various departments,” states Imre.  


Great colleagues

To Imre, it’s important to have good, helpful colleagues who can contribute to his professional development during his traineeship. This he indeed found at Chr. Hansen:

“My mentors and colleagues have been immensely helpful during the whole internship. I have been given the opportunity to try a lot of new things. Obviously, it takes some practice to get really good at it but there’s always someone willing to show me how things are done and help me get started in the right way. There’s good communication between us, and expectations and guidelines are clear and transparent,” Imre elaborates.

Irme also appreciates the patience he has been met with: “My Danish is not perfect, although it is getting better all the time. My colleagues are very patient and accommodating, so even though they had to spend a little extra time explaining things to me, it has never been a problem. I can feel that it’s important for them to include me on the team, and that makes me very happy.”