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Meet our colleague Sten Holmgaard Sørensen

Sten originally joined us as a dairy technician in 1992 and held various positions until 2008. Then he left for a decade. In 2018, Sten “came home” to Chr. Hansen in a position as Senior Technician. Learn what he thinks of the culture in Chr. Hansen.

Sten Holmgaard Soerensen

How will you describe Chr. Hansen before and now?

Chr. Hansen has always had strong principles for conducting its business based on high ethics and quality, and that is exactly the same today; we are a company that keeps our promises.

I also believe that people still genuinely care about each other and can have some fun while working hard. I know of several others who have been away from the company for a while and then returned. 

What is it that you like about working for Chr. Hansen?

I am a “Hansen man” to the bone and I think of myself as strong cultural fit. I can vouch for everything Chr. Hansen is and does; the orderly way Chr. Hansen acts and does business fits very well with my mentality.

I also enjoy the social activities and clubs that are offered to Chr. Hansen employees and I am thrilled to be part of that again: Wine club, art club, theater club. I enjoy socializing with colleagues in my spare time.

What has changed the most while you have been gone?

We have become more diverse in terms of nationalities working together. That is a good thing! It broadens your horizon, forces you to take an interest in the surrounding world and enables you to adapt in a changing environment.

Sustainability has become much more outspoken! We have mapped our activities against the UN global goals and identified three areas where we can really make a difference, especially food waste. Not all companies are as serious about this as us!

What we do here at Chr. Hansen – improving food and health – is so relevant to everybody, every day, for people’s entire lives! At the same time, it’s a great, responsible and flexible workplace.  

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