HMO strain

3′-Sialyllactose (3′-SL)

The human milk oligosaccharide 3′-SL (3′-Sialyllactose) is an abundant sialylated HMO in human milk. 



Health benefits and studies

The specific functional benefits of 3′-SL include reducing the risk of adhesion of harmful bacteria1 and their proteins. 3′-SL and 6′-SL in particular support brain development in infants by supplying sialic acid, an essential building block for neurons.2 


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1 Craft, Kelly M., and Steven D. Townsend. “The human milk glycome as a defense against infectious diseases: rationale, challenges, and opportunities.” ACS infectious diseases 4.2 (2018): 77-83.
2 Wang B. “Molecular Mechanism Underlying Sialic Acid as an Essential Nutrient for Brain Development and Cognition.” Nutrition, 1.3 (2012): 465S-472S.

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