Bread with smoked salmon


Keep prepared foods great and safe with natural food cultures.

Market challenge

Today’s consumer requests to foods are challenging and it can sometimes be contradictory to general requirements for unspoiled and safe foods. For instance, the levels of salt, sugar and fat in foods are under pressure to be reduced. These changes are beneficial for human health, but they also confer an increase in water activity, which provides an increased risk for undesirable microorganisms. Also the natural trend leads to milder processing, which results in a fresher appearance of the food but also less inactivation of undesirable microorganisms.

That is why there is a strong need for natural food protection solutions that can ensure both food safety and food shelf-life.

Chr. Hansen’s solution

The basic principle in bioprotection is to use dominant good bacteria to inhibit and control the unwanted spoilage flora.

SAFEPRO® cultures are natural food cultures selected especially to protect meat & prepared food products incl. salmon and ready-to-eat salads.


SAFEPRO® helps prevent spoilage, extend shelf life and maintain or improve the safety and the goodness of your meat, salmon & salads – even after it has been opened. It makes it easier for you to deliver a consistent and enjoyable brand experience.

  • SAFEPRO® cultures are based on unique bacteria strains found within lactic acid bacteria species that are normally used in food products
  • They come in several versions specifically targeting meat, salmon and ready-to-eat food applications

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