Bagel with cream cheese

Cream cheese

Try our EXACT® CC-1 and EXACT® CC-2 cultures for delicious cream cheese

Cream cheese is made from a mixture of cream and milk, and eaten fresh. Due to its fresh and mildly acidic flavor, it can be used for many purposes in both sweet and savory cookery.

Our cultures ensure the cream cheese gets the optimal flavor and acidification speed while securing a delicious, creamy texture, which makes it easy to spread on bread and used in cooking. Cream cheese is produced either by the traditional method, in which the cream is acidified and heated for whey drainage or by centrifugation. 

Recently, we launched EXACT® NG Flavor+, a new generation of cultures to boost flavor in Fresh Dairy (Chr. Hansen Launches Cultures to Boost Flavor in Fresh Dairy). In mesophilic fresh dairy applications, flavor development and gas production during production and distribution are usually linked. More flavor is linked to more gas production. EXACT® NG Flavor+ breaks this link by creating a creamy and rich dairy flavor without gas production.

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