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Dairy around the clock

Billions of people around the world consume milk and dairy products every day. Not only are milk and dairy products a vital source of nutrition for these people, they also present livelihood opportunities for farmers, processors, shopkeepers and other stakeholders in the dairy value chain. 

There are more than 3500 traditional fermented foods worldwide. However, some types are gaining great success with consumers globally. Traditionally, dairy has been eaten with meals, but increasingly it is also a favorite snack.

Fermented food and beverages offer more benefits to consumers such as:

  • Rich flavor profile
  • Textures
  • More filling sensation
  • Easier digestion (from lactose reduction from fermentation and protein degradation by the action of the bacterial proteolytic system)
  • Probiotic bacteria
  • Metabolites

Combined with our range of mild cultures (YOFLEX® and NU-TRISH® Creamy, Mild, Classic etc.), we can create mild bases where manufactures can play with new flavors and textures for occasions around the clock. 

Learn more about dairy around the clock by contacting your local Chr. Hansen representative.

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