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Sugar reduction solutions for fresh dairy

Balance ingredients to find your low-sugar sweet spot

Yogurt: health food or sugary snack?

Long hailed as a wellness-promoting health food, yogurt is most often considered a dietary choice that doctors not only approve of, but often choose for themselves. High in protein, calcium and beneficial live cultures, the age-old fermented food is a mainstay in communities around the world. 

In recent years, however, yogurt recipes have evolved to include more sugar, in some cases reaching levels that rival soft drinks or even candy. Today, 12% of the weight of a standard serving of yogurt is comprised of sugar, and many brands contain levels that are even higher.

At a time when promoting health and preserving wellbeing is a greater emphasis than ever – even the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals emphasize eating well for improved long-term health – consumers are taking extra care to reduce their sugar intake while retailers and regulators alike are working to offer lower-sugar options in markets across the world. 

Producers aiming to keep pace with current trends will need to evolve their offerings accordingly and offer compelling alternatives that satisfy cravings in a healthier manner.

At Chr. Hansen, we aim to offer solutions that help companies rise to this challenge.

Cut the sugar and keep the sweetness

At Chr. Hansen, our innovative cultures and enzymes cover every need when it comes to sugar reduction.



Pioneering culture that produces glucose from lactose during fermentation, naturally enhancing the sweetness perception in yogurt and enabling organic and VLOG labeling.



A range that includes mild cultures with superior pH stability, reducing the need to add sugar to compensate for increasing acidity during shelf life.