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Peace of mind – from farm to fridge

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Residues in milk, hormones in meat, pesticides on our veggies, decoding ‘clean’ labels – we have never been more aware of what is in our food and how it can affect us.

Food manufacturers are equally conscious of the importance of food safety, and the numerous quality procedures and checkpoints that milk goes through from farm to fridge is proof of this. Raptor is a new analysis platform from Chr. Hansen that helps dairy producers prove that their milk is antibiotic-free in a simple and easy way.

If a sick cow is in need of antibiotic care, she is removed from the milking herd during her treatment until she is fully recovered. The dairy industry, therefore, has safety measures in place to ensure that antibiotics do not enter the milk supply, but the measures are not always enough. Legislation requires that all milk– both organic and conventionally-produced– is strictly tested for antibiotics throughout the process.

Accurate and reliable testing

So how do busy dairy manufacturers ensure that their milk is 100% clean? Chr. Hansen’s partnership with Neogen now brings the Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform to dairy manufacturers around the world. Raptor is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure milk is toxin and antibiotic free and is a completely automatic system, which means it avoids human-related errors. It interprets and documents the result as soon as the test finishes, so there is no risk of a test running overtime or of a delay resulting in an inaccurate interpretation.

Raptor is so easy to use, and helps to simplify and ensure consistency throughout the complex safety procedures in the dairy industry,” says Jes Jensen, Test and Equipment director at Chr. Hansen, “It is based on three independent ports and can assess three different tests per sample, so it can also save time during testing.”