Yogurt in a glass


A range of probiotic cultures for a variety of food and beverage types such as juice, fermented milk and plant-based products.

The NU-TRISH® range of products for dairy and plant-based applications gives you the best of both worlds: Delicious texture and flavor as well as optimized probiotic cell count.

As probiotics are live bacteria it can be challenging to manufacture and market probiotics in food and beverages. Our key strength is to help our manufacturers create the best tasting products with the right amount of live bacteria for an optimal shelf life, making sure that the unique bacteria are present in sufficient amounts to give consumers the expected effect.

We engage in probiotic product development with key customers and are proud that our documented probiotics are positioned as true probiotics, chosen for a large proportion of products in supermarkets worldwide.

We have dedicated teams working on creating the best probiotic dairy and plant-based products. The way we work with customers is through strong partnerships and personal guidance throughout the development process from concept to retail shelves incl. application, marketing and regulatory advice.

The NU-TRISH® probiotics are available:

  • as single strains for application in foods and beverages
  • as optimal blends of yogurt cultures and probiotics to ensure perfect fermented milk and plant-based products. 

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