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Optimize wine's flavor profile

Early bio-protection helps reveal flavor precursors and protect wines’ flavor for consumers to enjoy.

Wine diversity is nearly infinite and certainly a reason for its success. Despite this diversity the wine’s sensory profile is always defined the same way: color, flavor, taste and mouthfeel, using the 5 senses.

Bio-protecting essential components present in the grapes and then transform them during alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is in essence what the VINIFLORA® range of products was designed to do.
For instance, we help convert flavors from their precursors inherent in the grapes and released at crush. This program is named ‘optimize flavor,’ and we are frequently contacted by winemakers and winery managers to help them develop projects around their wines.

Depending on the expected style, we can help design the best winemaking protocol to reach their goals with natural, selected microbial solutions.