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Keeping traditions alive

NATUREN® is animal rennet manufactured from the extract of the fourth stomach (vells) of either calves or lambs. Using vells from selected geographical areas, we extract and purify enzymes in our production plants.

Animal rennet has been used for coagulating cheese milk ever since our founder, Christian D.A. Hansen, developed standardized rennet in the 1870's, and we still set the standard today. NATUREN® is particularly suitable for traditional cheese makers who value artisanal cheese making.

NATUREN® animal rennet products are available with different chymosin/pepsin ratios. A few examples are NATUREN® Stabo (20% chymosin and 80% pepsin) and NATUREN® Extra (more than 95% chymosin). Furthermore, Chr. Hansen offers lamb rennet, well-known in the market as NATUREN® Cordero.

Most of our NATUREN® portfolio products are available in both liquid and powder forms, in different package sizes and with or without any preservation added.

We also offer halal NATUREN® produced with specially-certified raw materials and production procedures. All NATUREN® products are suitable for DOP/AOC cheeses.

For more information on certifications of the different coagulants please contact Chr. Hansen.