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Reducing food waste with nature's own resources

Learn how FRESHQ® can help reduce yogurt waste, by extending shelf-life 

Chr. Hansen is committed to reducing annual global yogurt waste by 2% in 2020. Our impact study carried out by QBIS and external consultants has confirmed a positive impact between the use of bioprotection and annual yogurt waste reduction.

Annemarie Meisling

Senior Director Corporate Affairs

Too much yogurt is thrown away 

Due to high turnover, fragile supply chains and relatively short shelf lives, dairy products are a significant contributor to global food waste and losses (FAO, OECD).


Consumer perspective

  • Dairy is the no. 1 food category for which consumers check the expiry date.
  • 25% of people will not buy a product that expires within five days from purchase
  • Consumers feel positive toward shelf life extension if it is obtained by natural ingredients.

It needs to be natural

  • FRESHQ® food cultures delay spoilage from contaminants such as yeast and molds in dairy. They help to naturally extend shelf life and lower food waste without any use of artificial preservatives or chemicals.