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Reducing food waste through long-term partnerships

Wasted food is an economic and environmental burden. Food cultures with bioprotective effect can help keep waste down by keeping products naturally fresh and safe longer. Watch how one of our long-term partners, Thise, works to naturally extend the shelf life of their products.

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New labeling help consumers reduce food waste 

The organic Danish dairy, Thise, located in north-western Jutland, Denmark, highly values organic foods, nature and sustainability. This is the reason why Thise is exploring natural ways of extending shelf life to avoid waste in the entire value chain from dairy to consumer.

This is also what lies behind introducing a new label. Thise has added an ‘often good after’ date on their packaging, alongside the ‘best before’ date. This is to remind consumers to consider if the product is still okay to eat instead of wasting it just because the ‘best before’ date has passed.

Addressing some of the world’s challenges with nature’s own resources

Reducing food loss and waste can help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, contribute to the Paris Agreement on climate change, and sustainably feed the planet by 2050. We are proud of all our partners and the impact we create together using nature’s own resources to reduce food waste by keeping products fresh and safe longer.