Our decarbonization roadmap

A solid roadmap will drive our Think Climate program across five workstreams

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Through our Science Based Targets, we have made a lasting commitment to do our part in fighting climate change. We believe in taking action today that helps turning the tide this decade as climate science recommends.

Realizing our 2030 Science Based Targets requires action on many levels of our organization. To define the most impactful carbon saving activities, we have held group-wide workshops pulling together the collective brain power of colleagues from all a broad spectrum of the organization. This has provided us with a solid decarbonization roadmap for how we will achieve our carbon emission reduction targets across scope 1, 2 and 3. 

While several actions are already under implementation, such as our conversion to 100% renewable electricity, we will continue to enhance a think climate mindset in everything we do as a global company from our daily office habits, to our investments, in plant design, purchase decisions and packaging materials. But to achieve change at scale and at speed, we need to engage beyond our own organization. As part of our Think Climate program we want to drive positive change in close partnerships with our customers, suppliers, authorities and regulators. Together we can shape a low carbon future.  


Explore the five workstreams in our Think Climate. Naturally. program. Click to enlarge.

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