40 years of helping pig producers stay successful and sustainable

Chr. Hansen's probiotic solution for pigs celebrates important milestone – more relevant than ever

Sep 16. 2020 11:31 GTM

BioPlus® celebrates 40 years on the market and is still going strong.

Today known and cherished as BioPlus® 2B and BioPlus® YC, Chr. Hansen’s probiotic portfolio for pigs from farrow to finish continues to be a strong solution in the farmers’ tool box in their endeavor to obtain a more sustainable production based on natural solutions.

“We are very proud of celebrating this milestone with our customers around the world, who have seen, over the years, what BioPlus® can do for their animals. Added to feed, our science-based products contain highly-selected strains of good bacteria that have been shown to support normal intestinal function. In addition, they improve the availability of absorbable nutrients from feed by producing digestive enzymes,” explains Mickaël Rouault, senior director, Commercial Development, Animal Health, Chr. Hansen. 

“For the pig producer, this translates into a greater percentage of the herd showing normal performance, such as digestibility and feed efficiency, compared to groups that are not being fed BioPlus® 2B or BioPlus® YC – and it strengthens the sustainability profile because these advantages are obtained through natural means,” Chris Rhoden, manager, Business Development, Animal Health, Chr. Hansen adds.

These are trends that have only been reinforced since the first product (called Biomate at the time) was introduced in 1980. 

“We have indeed witnessed that market trends are shifting towards more sustainable farming at pace with increasing consumer demand for animal welfare and natural products. At the same time, antibiotic resistance is recognized as a huge global challenge, and it is documented that probiotics can help support a normal gut function and may reduce the need for antibiotics,” adds Rouault.

Science based, research proven 
At Chr. Hansen, ‘good-bacteria’ is at the heart of our business model, and we are first movers in innovation and technology when it comes to understanding the complexities of the probiotic modes of action and the gut microbiome – in animals as well as in humans. As such, our product innovations stem from our strong platforms in bioscience technologies and an in-depth understanding of the needs in the market. That is why we call our approach Science based, research proven.

This approach has not changed over the past 40 years. Whether the product is called Biomate, BioPlus® 2B or BioPlus® YC, and whether it is sold in North America (where BioPlus® 2B is seen as the gold standard), Latin America, Europe or Australia, it is put to good use every day. In the past, now and for the future.



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