Raptor Product

RAPTOR® Integrated Analysis Platform

Just add milk.

The RAPTOR® Integrated Analysis Platform is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure your milk is toxin and antibiotic free. A combined incubator and reader system, it allows you to test for BETASTAR® and Reveal® antibiotics and aflatoxin in the most accurate way ever seen. With RAPTOR®, testing errors become a concern of the past. Based on three independent ports and the ability to assess three different tests per sample, the RAPTOR® Integrated Analysis Platform offers scalability and flexibility.

Why the RAPTOR® Integrated Analysis Platform? 

  • So simple to use 
    Automatic scanning of test strip barcodes and lot specific QR codes replaces all manual setting of test parameters, such as time and temperature. This significantly reduces the potential for errors.

  • Consistent – time after time
    Fluid front technology means that the camera monitors the tests in real time and automatically starts when the milk enters the membrane. This ensures that the test time remains the same, even if the operator changes.

  • Automatic and accurate
    The RAPTOR® automatically interprets and documents the result when the test finishes. So there is no risk of a test running overtime or of a delay resulting in an inaccurate interpretation.

  • Advanced reporting
    The RAPTOR® platform supports a wide range of file formats and data separators, and is open for data exchange with LIMS systems. The system offers the complete ability to tailor data export tables together with several modes of connectivity.

  • Full milk processing scalability
    Each RAPTOR® unit allows you to run three different samples independently, so you can process three incoming milk tankers at the same time with just one unit. Each sample port has its own timer, incubator and temperature control.

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